Maritime agency

Nika Trans Logistics provides a full range of agency services in river ports and seaports of Ukraine. We are fully compliant with the international legislation and Ukrainian law. Our experienced team is willing to offer the high-level service to every Client and ensures the tailored approach.


Maritime agency has always been one of the priorities of Nika Trans Logistics. Since the foundation, We are acting as the general agent of the sea specialized port ‘Nika-Tera’ (Mykolaiv). Therefore, we solve all issues related to ship owners servicing in port. The key factors, which are ensuring the successful performance of maritime agency in port are:

  • Maritime agency with focus on protection of ship owners’ interests and 24/7 service while the vessel stays in port;
  • long-term experience, exceptional expertise in the maritime business environment;
  • service level harmonized with the international standards;
  • operational servicing of vessels;
  • high efficiency in fulfilling of stated tasks;
  • well-established cooperation with key players in the global maritime market: ship owners, cargo shippers, freighters, brokers etc.

No wonder, that our team of maritime agency is a worthy competition to the leading marine agents of Ukraine. It is confirmed by the 5th place in National Marine Rating of Ukraine 2018. Here are some figures describing our activities in 2018-2019:

  • we have provided services to 600+ vessels;
  • within the raid loading program more than 20 Panamax vessels and 40 small fleet barges were serviced;
  • since 2019, agents have their own towing fleet, consisting of three shunting and raid tugs.


Vessels calling at ports all around the world do require services of the professional agent. Maritime agent represents interests of the ship owner or charterer on shore. The ship owner or the master are not able to arrange and coordinate independently the entire volume of operations related to maintenance of the vessel while staying at port. In some cases, it is not only difficult but also prohibited by the law of the state where the port is located. Engagement of agents enables to solve this problem.

Maritime agency staff of Nika Trans Logistics has long-term experience cooperation with foreign vessels. We are engaged in escorting the call around the clock, without days off and holidays. Our specialists represent interests of carriers and ship owners both directly in the port and in local executive bodies. Our customers can rely on the prompt assistance: providing important information, solving organizational issues, including arrangement of technical and supply services, as well as settlement of formalities and paperwork. We would be glad to offer you the protection agency service, i.e. provision of comprehensive assistance to the master.


  • we promptly calculate all port charges;
  • we carry out analytical work to minimize port expenditures and prevent vessel demurrage;
  • we monitor changes to the navigation rules that apply in the region in order to inform the relevant information to the master in advance.

Entry of vessel into the port and its stay in the port water area faces to a number of formalities and documents. They should be executed and submitted in time. Our maritime agents are glad to assist with:

  • clearance, i.e. registration of the vessel at the port (certificates, licenses, registries);
  • passing the border control, sanitary service, customs (manifests with a list of bills of lading, receipts, certificates);
  • crew changes (permits);
  • payment of all charges;
  • performance of transhipment operations.


  • to supply the vessel with water, fuel, technical equipment, food;
  • to provide the berth, tugboats services, port’s pilot services;
  • to ensure the communication forwarders and transhipment operations executors;
  • to organize repair works (if required);
  • preparation of holds for cargo and handling operations;
  • inspection and maintenance of the vessel by surveyors (insurers), sanitary and quarantine services.

Maritime agents ensure smooth cooperation between all the parties involved – the ship owners, carriers, freight forwarders, ship masters and port authorities, government entities; consequently, we supervise the whole process in compliance with current rules, relevant regulations and unique customs of each port. Due to this, the probability of disputes is minimized. If, however, the disputes or conflicts arise, the agents of Nika Trans Logistics will take care of their settlement and resolution.