On land logistics

We do offer a wide range of on land logistics services. We arrange rail and road transportation services covering all the territory of Ukraine using our own facilities as well as leased transport.


NIKA TRANS LOGISTICS has convinced its Clients that they can trust us the transportation of the most complex cargoes and such cooperation is always beneficial.

  • Delivery of cargo is expedient and performed in time;
  • Our own transportation facilities and well-established relations with partner companies enable us to choose the appropriate type of transport promptly;
  • We perform transportation of packed, liquid, bulk and dangerous cargoes;
  • We track cargo, providing clients with information regarding its location. We can offer also optional links in combined transport;
  • All vehicles are subject to mandatory regular inspection of the technical inspection and maintenance; all drivers-expeditors have profound experience in the field of cargo transportation. Safety of transportation is guaranteed by the professionalism of our employees, making adjustments into the routes if necessary, placing and fixing of cargoes;
  • Transparent pricing, reasonable rates.


Our professionals will offer you the best way of delivery depending on volume, nature of cargo, specific requirements to timing and budget.


Nika Trans Logistics operates own and leased railway wagons (open wagons, tank-wagons, minerals transporters) with total number more than 2.7 thousand items and we successfully involve rail cars of “Ukrzaliznytsia” JSC.

Definitely if you need to deliver large cargo to distant locations, railway transportation is the best option. The goods transport is carried out all year round without reliance on weather conditions.


Nika Trans Logistics offers delivery services with own vehicles fleet - 50 DAF trucks; 100 new trucks are expected to be acquired by the end of this year. All vehicles are equipped by platforms for carrying containers for bulk, packed goods and tank-containers for liquid cargoes. All trucks are fully equipped and availability of required permissions enable us to work with dangerous cargoes.

Road transportation is profitable if there are small shipments, when the point of destination is located in hard-to-reach area. We will offer you vehicles with the appropriate load and carrying capacity. Rates are flexible; we calculate the cost of delivery individually for every Client taking into account many factors of the deal. The main advantages of the on land logistics are: flexibility in transport routes and optimal schedule of delivery based on the Client’s requirements.


Our specialists will recommend you the optimal way of transportation and will calculate the cost of services. A contract shall be signed only after the mode and route of transportation, timing and price have been agreed upon with the client. Managers of Nika Trans Logistics LLC are always ready to answer your questions and start performing the task set.