Freight forwarding in ports

Number of commercial, technical and freight terminal operations, transhipment of cargo in ports is an integral component of maritime logistics. In order to arrange these activities and their documentary support you require the qualified team of specialists in port freight forwarding services. Our employees represent the shippers protecting their interests.


Intra-port freight forwarders coordinate the various work carried out in the port, ensuring the interaction of all public services that are involved in cargo handling and execution of supporting documents.

Freight forwarding team represent interests of their customers both directly at the port and in local executive bodies. In particular, they:

  • control arrival of goods, track its location;
  • execute freight orders and all ship’s documentation (cargo manifests, bills of lading, receipts of the shipmaster and navigation officer) in compliance with the client’s instructions;
  • ensure submission of all necessary documents to the inspection bodies;
  • assist in the certification process;
  • arrange going through customs formalities while export-import of cargo;
  • choose a terminal for cargo handling taking into consideration various factors – the type of cargo, the type of transport for further delivery, the anticipated customs clearance time;
  • conclude contracts with container lines;
  • deal with obtaining of permits for handling and storage of certain types of goods – dangerous, oversized, sensitive;
  • arrange inspection, weighing and other intra-terminal operations upon Client’s request or in order to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities;
  • settling the bills of stevedoring companies and other providers of handling cargo services at port;
  • supervise operation of the quarantine and veterinary services, provide them with all documents required for release of the cargo;
  • provide vehicle or railway transport to the port terminal in time in order to ensure the prompt coming-out of cargo from the territory.


Nika Trans Logistics offers services of the freight forwarders team where specialists with many years of experience work together with young staff side by side. They are well aware of all nuances how to arrange their services in the ports of Ukraine. We do know this market, we obtain information about availability of special equipment in various ports, and we have a wide network of partners in Ukrainian and international ports. Established contacts with stevedoring companies (port operators), control and certification bodies, customs, surveyors allow us to resolve promptly all issues related to cargo handling operations, documents execution, customs clearance. The scope of freight forwarding services provided by our company in 2018-2019 exceeded 15 million tons. More than 600 of vessels with cargo were successfully dispatched.

Nika Trans Logistics will definitely come up with the exceptional solution in case of any issue arises. You can order a full range of intra-port freight forwarding services:

  • arrangement of cargo delivery to the port (from the port) by land transport, accurate planning, coordination with stevedores; will ensure non-stop movement of loaded vehicles across the port territory, eliminate demurrage and delays;
  • organization and execution of handling operations with prompt supervision on the quantity and quality of goods during loading (unloading);
  • provision of temporary storage of cargo directly at port or at other conveniently located warehouses, if necessary;
  • settling all additional matters involved;
  • cargo insurance with reliable surveyors companies;
  • informing our clients about the cargo at every stage of handling.

Forwarding services in Ukraine according to the European standards are a reality. Contact us and you will see it yourself. We will assist in optimization of time and cargo handling costs in the port.